Everything you need to know about MAMRE PARK

If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

Ans. Mamre Park is located in Atan, Otta, Ogun State.

Ans. Canaan Land (Faith Tabernacle), Covenant University, The Bells University of Technology, President Paint Plc., May and Baker Plc, and numerous estates.

Ans. SMART OUTRIGHT: Outright purchase N1,800,000
FLEX PLAN: N2,200,000.00 @N400,000 initial deposit, Balance spread over 6 months at 300,000/ month
EASY PLAN: 2,700,000.00 @ N225,000 monthly installment spread over 12 months.
INSTANT ALLOCATION: 50% initial deposit (documentation inclusive) and balance spread over 3months (T&C Applies).

Ans. SURVEY PLAN: N150,000.00(Subject to review)

Ans. 648 square meter or 60 by 120 feet.

Ans. Certificate of Occupancy.

Ans. Invoice, receipt/statement of account, deed of contract, and congratulatory letter.

Letter of allocation, survey plan, Deed of assignment, free architectural design and estate covenant agreement will be given after completion of payment.

Ans. Yes, you have the right to choose but on the first (3) conditions listed below.
i. You make an outright payment with documentation inclusive
ii. You make an outright payment and balance the documentation fee in two (2) months or lose the portion of land and be reallocated at the company’s discretion.
iii. You make 50% initial deposit on total sum at Flex plan (documentation inclusive), with balance spread over a period of 3 months or lose the portion of land and be reallocated at the company’s discretion.
iv. You get allocated when you have paid up to VAT level.

Ans. You will get a refund less 20% administrative expenses, but note that no refund after completing 50% of total cost (see REFUND POLICY on our website, www.sterlinghomesltd.com)

Ans. In the case of a lesser size of plot, a sum equivalent to the size of shortage in metres multiplied by price by square metres will be refunded and in case of bigger size, a sum equivalent to the size of excess in metres multiplied by price per square metres will be demanded.

Ans. The land is free from every known government acquisition and no any adverse claimant.

Ans. Provision of drainage, electric poles and strings for the distribution of energy and recreational facilities

Ans. Yes, the road to the estate is motor able and accessible even at the peak of the rainy season.

Ans. Individuals will be responsible for the cost of building plan approval or through JEWELS CONSULT LIMITED. The asset management arm of the company, this will attract processing fee.

Ans. Blue Bricks Construction Company Ltd, the construction arm of the organisation has concluded arrangement with the company project partners to deliver infrastructures within the estate.

Ans. Sterling Homes Limited.

Ans. After the payment of initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly, non-payment monthly as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of contract which can result to termination, re allocation or revocation of contract.

Ans. The transaction is interest free except if there is default in payment. 5% of what is left to be paid is charged for every month of default.

Ans. Yes, you are limited to building residential houses. Provision of shops in residential houses and building tenement house type (popularly known as face me/face you) is not permitted

Ans. Allotees are encourage to take possession and develop their plot within a year of allocation in order to control weeds, also in case where the land is left unkempt, the developer will come to keep the land tidy and expenses incurred will be transferred to you.

Ans. Sterling Homes Limited in conjunction with Mamre park residents Association will be responsible for the management of the entire estate.

Ans. After full payment and allocation of your plot, however not less than 25% of this must be paid before commencing any development.

Ans. All instruments of payment must be made into our bank in favour of sterling homes ltd.

Do you know that MAMRE PARK is . . .

about 5 minute drive from Covenant University; 7 minute drive from The Bell University and situated within the
corridor of Faith Thearter Canaanland.
All Right Reseved 2017. Sterling Homes Limited.

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